Hello, (Real) World

I will be graduating at the end of August after 5(!) years pursuing a Bachelor’s of Mathematics in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo.

I spent the past 6 months or so searching (between classes, assignments, and exams) for full-time work beginning in September. By my calculation, I have participated in approximately 60 interviews (including phone, Skype and on-site) this year. I’ve been extremely lucky to meet many talented engineers and managers at a some very interesting companies. Naturally, I’m vary grateful to all of them for giving me the opportunity to interview for positions with their respective teams.

I’ve ultimately decided to accept a position with Upverter . I am super excited to be joining this talented group. I love the idea of building a way to give other professionals similar sharing, collaboration, and version control tools to those that we programmers take for granted. I’m very happy to be joining the team at Upverter to do just that!

I’m also looking forward to living in Toronto again (except for the looking-for-housing part). It’s a great city with a many great events going on.